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FAQ - Our list of Frequently asked Questions.

1. FAQ: What is the purpose of the geotextile in the base layer?

A geotextile is put in the base layer to provide the integrity of the backround and the distribution of the forces. Geotextile keeps the soil in the underground and the ballast apart. It protects the spacing from the sediments to make the water flow. It creates the surface drainage and assure that the path does not descend after a while. The geotextile is not that necessary for the ordinary paths near the family houses. The geotextile is necessary to use on places on which the vehicle transition over 3,5 t is assumed.

2. FAQ: Is the building permission or any other permission needed before I start laying the concrete paving on the path in front of my house?

Yes. It is necessary. You will get it in your local municipality.

3. FAQ: How to clean the concrete paving, so I would not damage it?

The easiest and the most secure is to clean the concrete paving surface with a preassure water gun. It is also recommended to apply the impregnation.

4. FAQ: Is it inevitable to make the spacing between the paving units?

The interspaces are determined in the norm STN 73 6131 which says to make the distance 3-5 mm. If this distance is not met, the paving units edges can laminated or damaged.

5. FAQ: When do I need to vibrate through the concre paving surface? Before or after grouting?

It is appropriate to do the vibrating in two phases. First, immediately after the concrete paving laying, which is followed by the grouting - maximum 1 cm under the upper edge of the paving unit.

We recommend to sweep the floor before the second vibrate phase is done to prevent from scraping the surface. You can apply the rest of grouting material after the secon phase is finished.

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