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Information about shipping and unloading

If a buyer asks for shipping, the seller will deliver this service for reimbursement. Shipping of the products bought in our e-shop is done through our transport contractors. We have a broad network of transporters throughout the Slovak Republic.

Price for Shipping

The price for shipping depends on the distance of the place, where the products are going to be delivered. Number of kilometers stated in non-commital order must be approved by Terrabella® Sales Manager and before the expedition, price for shipping and unloading must be definitely accepted by both sides.


Unloading costs (mainly demurrage and handling) are paid by a buyer. In case that the distance is smaller than 120 km and the buyer asks for unloading of the products, we are sending the trucks with hydraulic crane.

For greater distance than 120 km we are not sending the trucks with hydraulic crane. We are able to deliver the product unloading (by forklift, hydraulic crane) through the local transporters, according to the place of delivery.

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