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General Contract Terms and Conditions

All deliveries made by Klartec spol. s r.o. („Seller“) to its customers („Purchaser“) are subject to these Terms and Conditions which come into effect by a) Purchaser providing a purchase order and Seller accepting the order or b) concluding a purchase contract. Contract parties agree that Purchaser accepts General Contract Terms and Conditions by sending a purchase order to the Seller.

General Contract Terms and Conditions

General Contract Terms and Conditions set the rights and obligations of the contracting parties resulting from sales agreement made between the Seller which is Klartec, spol. s r.o. with residence in Mikovíniho 8, 917 01 Trnava, Slovak Republic IČO (Company Identification Number): 36 231 355, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court for Trnava, Section: Sro, File no. 11378/T, IČO DPH (Company Identification Number VAT) SK 20 20 16 43 22, (later mentioned as "Seller") and Buyer. The object of the sales agreement is the purchase and sale of the goods on the e-shop webpage that belongs to the Seller.

Sales Agreement

Sales agreement between the Seller and the Purchaser is made by electronic sending of the order form. The payment is done mainly by sending the money on the seller’s account or cash when personal take-out of the products in the production place in Malženice č. 365, Slovak Republic. Another way of payment might be made only in accordance with probable document agreement between seller and purchaser.

Purchase Price

All prices are valid, if there is no other paper agreement. The purchaser is obliged to pay the purchaser the entire price for goods including the delivery costs associated with good delivery. Pick-up loading of the goods on transport vehicle is included in the price evident in the invoice.

We accept the payments:

  • Money transfer of the whole amount to the seller’s account (account number: 26 29 23 10 40/1100) that is also mentioned in the e-mail sent straight after making an order. The day of the payment is considered to be the day when all the costs were allocated to the seller’s account.
  • Cash when personal take-out of the products

In case The Purchased does not pay the full amount to The Seller at the time of personal take-out, both parties agree, that The Seller is entitled to withdraw from the sales agreement.

The Purchaser has right to withdraw from the sales agreement and call for returning the price amount only in compliance with the regulations in the Slovak Republic.

Shipment and delivery terms


Goods are delivered on pallettes. The Seller is oblidged to pack the goods in a manner that is suitable for goods transportation. Transportation is provided by Purchaser of Seller depending on the requirements in the binding purchase order.

If the Purchaser asks for the provision of transportation, the Seller provides this service for reimbursement, costs related with unloading (handling and demurrage/detention charges) are beared by the Purchaser. Payment terms are stated in the „Purchase Contract“ part.

The Seller has the right to return pallettes to Purchaser within three months from their take-over under the condition that the pallettes are of the same kind and unimpaired. Amortization of 1.2 Eur per pallette is charged upon return.

Returned goods

Purchaser has a right to return goods purchased through Internet within seven days from take-over without stating reasons. Returned goods acceptance conditions – goods must be undamaged, leid on the original pallette which must be originally wrapped and the wrapping must be unimpaired.

Prospective claims will be settled by agreement. In case of failure of agreement, legal proceedings will be held in Trnava, Slovakia.

Quality guarantee and claims

Products comply with STN EN quality criteria and hold conformity reference „CE“. A copy of Conformity Statement is enclosed to purchase contract or is issued on demand in the Seller’s premises.

The Seller offers quality guarantee for the products in line with relevant STN EN for 24 months since production date, if not stated otherwise in the purchase contract.

Guarantee does not cover flaws incurred by unprofessional handling with the goods and by non-compliance with technological and installation guidelines. Small colour differences and whitewash, which do not influence the intended use of the goods, are not covered by the guarantee.

The Purchases is oblidged to observe the quantity of the goods and intactness of the packaging directly during take-over. If non-compliance with binding order is detected, a record of flaws has to be prepared in the presence of a carrier.

If damage of goods is detected, a record of flaws has to be prepared in the presence of a carrier. In case of detected flaws, they must be immediately claimed before making use of the goods in the construction, additional claims will not be accepted. Transported goods are insured and responsibility for damage during the transport is beared by the carrier.

In case of a valid claim within guarantee period, the Seller is oblidged to eliminate the flaws based on the written claim sent by the Purchaser to the Purchaser’s residence address or by sending an e-mail to dlazba@terrabella.sk , its reciept must be confimed by the Seller.

Reclamation procedure in case of a valid claim:

The seller sends an e-mail on the following email address dlazba@terrabella.sk or a regular mail on the following address Klartec, spol. s r.o., Mikovíniho 8, 917 01 Trnava, where he states goods specification/type, selling document number, exact flaw description and reclamation requirement.

Once the reclamation claim is received by the Seller, the Purchaser will be informed about the next steps. Reclamation will be executed depending on the extent of damaged goods. If the damage does not allow intended use of the goods, the Purchaser has a right on free goods exchange. Claim on particular goods does not give right to claim the whole delivery.

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