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Terrablok MT - full block 500x200

Concrete fence blocks - are used for fence building. Concrete fence blocks are economic - it is not needed to use much of concrete mixture. The fence blocks are layed manually bottom up. We sell the concrete fence blocks packed on a pallete.

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1,28 € inc. VAT
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Masonry units are used for inner and circumferential walling, house building or fence building.

Masonry blocks are mainly used to build up the circumferential walls in family houses, industrial buildings or fences.

The concrete masonry bricks are also utilized in concrete grounding, basements, garages, water pools and in all wall constructions that need to be reinforced. The cavities of the masonry bricks are filled with the concrete.

The walling is done on the cement mortar or anti-freeze building glue. The masonry bricks are laid bottom-up.

  • The bricks are sold per pallettes. On one pallette, there is:
  • Full Block......... 36pc
  • Half Block........ 12pc
  • Edge Block...... 12pc
  • Total: 60 pc/pallette
  • measures: 500x200x200 mm
  • full block (FB) 500x200 is determined for ordinary walling
  • half block 500x200 is possible to split in halfs or the quaters
  • edge block 500x200 is determined to joining the corners and the ending of the walls, this unit is also splitable
COMPONENT Price exl. VAT / pc Price incl. VAT / pc
gray gray
half block 500x200 200 1,06 € 1,28 €
full block 500x200 1,06 € 1,28 €
edge block 500x200 1,06 € 1,28 €
ks / Pallette
Pallettes' Weight
half block 500x200 200 10 12
full block 500x200 10 60
edge block 500x200 10 12 1280
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