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Concrete Paving

Block concrete paving Terrabella ®produced by Klartec meets high quality criteria in terms of EN norms.  In our own concrete plant in Malženice near Trnava town (Slovak Republic), we are able to prepare a colour mix according to your specific demands. You can rely on quick and direct delivery.

What benefits do you have with the concrete paving Terrabella®?

  • We arre able to make every colour you wish, if you have not found it in our standard offer.   
  • We use TerraGUARD technology to protect  the concrete paving Terrabella® againt the adverse weather - TerraGUARD is frost proofing admixture that keeps the paving resistant towards meteorological conditions.
  • Innovative technology TerraGUARD protects the paving from scratching. This admixture also keeps the paving from chemical activity.
  • Reasonable price of the paving Terrabella - our own hyper-modern production and a direct sale of the concrete paving 

Concrete Paving Pricelist


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Paving Production & Direct Sale

Paving Production and Direct Sale

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