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KLARTEC, spol. s r.o.

The company Klartec was established in 1999. Its water cleaning devices made it the leader on the Slovak market soon. Following years, it widens its product portfolio into three divisions - water cleaning devices; concrete paving, road elements, form bricks and concrete rings, conuses, inspection chambers.

2011 - we have developted a new type of water retention reservoirs with high elastic isolator. The reservoirs are suitable for high vertical or horizontak loading. We have also started producing the new type of cable reservoirs that are able to hold the steel or composite manholes.

2010 - e-shop for the concrete paving, plates, road elements and form bricks launched

2009 - company’s sustained commitment to developing its products and services is proven by the completing of the lsecond production facility for prefabricated elements in July 2009 and another large-capacity facility for advanced paving products.

Building of a hall for a new production line

Building of a new hall for new production line for the contrete paving in 2009.

2008 - company’s branch Klartec cz, s. r. o. in the Czech Republic launched2003 - building up own concrete plant in Malženice, Slovakia (near Trnava town)  

2007 - sophisticated process management information system implemented in order to manage after growth processes

2006 - automated systems developed in the production of concrete rings, conuses   and inspection chambers

2004/2005 - automated systems developed in the production of concrete block paving, kerbing and concrete elements

1999 - starting up KLARTEC, spol. s r.o.



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